Sans Sarah

Sans Sarah A long hiatus from my art might have been saddening yet bittersweet. Too busy with work to pursue my happiness I took a chance and venture out with a close friend and threw ambitions to the wind.

Model: Sans Sarah (FB title) Up and coming graphic artist and project coordinator. Theres no stopping her now

Salt Flats of Death Valley, CA

IMG_0679Death Valley wasn't really on my bucket list as far as photography went. I guess it was the name or maybe just a lack of interest in endless seas of desert and dust, I mean its called "Death Valley". Well to my surprise, it was more than I could have ever imagined. On the road into the valley there is a place to stop and walk out into the Salt Flats; with so many vistors there was a path made by thousands of feet. This is that path to the Valley...

Bryce Canyon Pass, Utah

IMG_3750A year ago, My brother and I took a photographer trip. The goal was to hit Zion National Park, then to head to Bryce Canyon. Zion was absolutely beautiful to hike and to just explore with its incredibly high rock formations. Bryce Canyon and its obscure red rocks were a sight to behold as well. We were also blessed with a wide variety of weather, from heavy winds to hail, and on the trip back down the mountain pass we encountered endless fields of untouched forests blanketed in snow. Being a California raised guy, this was somewhat unbeknownst to me...

Abandoned Warehouse Pier 43 SF, CA

Untitled_Panorama1 copy

As I stated before in my past posting I have a special place in my heart for San Francisco, the city is a beautiful collection of many different sites and interesting folk. For a long time I had a girlfriend who lived across the bay so pretty much every month for 3 years I spent a week here. If I ever had a free day I would spend it with my headphones on and walking from one side to the other. I was traveling down Embarcadero a little ways down from Fishermans Wharf and I walked past a large pier warehouse with a chained door slightly open. I snuck in and was pleasantly surprised to have the entire place to myself.

Dimity Stoyles

Dimity Stoyles This photo is of junior pro surfer Dimity Stoyles from Sunshine Coast Australia. One of the nicest and beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. We met on a flight back from Cabo San Lucas and had to spend a few hours on a plane together the whole way back to Cali. She graciously invited me to watch her at a surf competition in Oceanside CA. I spent all day shooting with my Canon 7D and a 250mm lens. This is the amazing result. All credit to her.

de Young Museum, San Francisco CA

de Young  Museum, San Francisco CA Living in California has many perks, actually "many" might be an understatement. To have such a large variation of landscapes, people, cultures, weather it leaves the imagination constantly working to find the beauty in the ordinary. I live in So Cal and I feel San Francisco to be my long lost home. The people and the flow of the city speaks to me more than most. They have a beautiful park in the center of the city which is like a small makeshift Central Park of the west coast. In that park there is a lovely museum of art and fashion (de Young Museum). In the main hall there is a large mural of out of focus sprocket holes. The canvas was set, all I needed was a subject.

IMG_9020 bw

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach Huntington Beach, CA

Over time we get a urge just to break the ordinary. Maybe just get in the car and drive, or go to a coffee shop you never tried before.

I was in one of these moods and decided to venture out to my old favorite beach as a child and decided to see if anything had changed. A lot in fact had... maybe just from the winter chill, but this was a shock. This one man gave me an opportunity, who am I to say no.

This blog will be devoted to my thoughts, my photography, my passions and my interests. Its always exciting to create something and to watch it grow into an entirely different idea then you ever imagined. One day I hope to look back at this and have mixed emotions, but overall I hope that it maps progression and not regression. Hope you enjoy